Monday, June 18, 2007


A Writers' Group delegation visits Szombathely to celebrate another ex-Berlitz teacher, James Joyce, (do you also remember Steve Graning, Judith Finn, David Landry...?)

Of course a seat reservation was required:

As was the requirement to stay in continuous touch with the civilization that is Budapest Főváros:

There were some great speakers:

The cultural attaché of Szombathely, (right).

The Irish ambassador looking like he had a hangover.

Our very perky and frisky, well-prepared Kálmán.

Everyone then piled over to the gallery possibly run by local Iroqouis.

Speeches now by Kálmán AND his Uncle Fefe.

Then we had a PROPER lunch at 5pm as the speakers were a bit too distracted earlier on.

And Esther's froggies hung out on Joyce saying goodbye before we got the train home, writing cartoons* on our way, (*will be posted later!)

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