Monday, February 8, 2010

LOST according to Esther – 2010, Feb. 04

Episodes 1-8: Confronted with mortatlity the survivors of mass extinction are first required to face their own faults as humans. After the fall some basic truths remain: fear, anger, guilt, flawed philosophies and hot chicks are hard to shake. Is this what Obama gave his time slot for?

The Final Episode: The main point is that there is no God. And if there was one that the characters might have had a chance to make contact with in some meaningful way then he somewhere between episode 8 – now – he created a parallel universe in which he “does not exist” in order to escape being associated with the show whatsoever.

As for what is left. Chaos would be a simple explanation for what has to be experienced by the LOST characters. Their meaningless existences may take solace in the fact that millions of people are watching them on what used to be known as the BOOB TUBE.

However, they may be loath to know that some people so have use of their legs and can get up and turn off the bloody thing unless surrounded by masses of LOST fans.

Okay, I admit it, I was “lost.” What the hell was that about? No, don’t answer that I want to remain naïve.

The mystery is Mr. Smoke-shape shifter is Jack Shepherd’s father. Too bad James Earl Jones wasn’t available to provide the voice for him.

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