Saturday, December 9, 2006

Edit loves Jeff

My dearest and most beloved Jeff!

I am endlessly grateful to you. Since I met you, my life has transformed totally. I cannot go anymore to have a pee, without having this deep, pulsing, silky swelling inside of me.

When I smell your t-shirt you left on the washing machine, with every breath I take from it I get more and more dizzy. I feel your arms around me, the hair on your chest tickles my breast, I feel your hot sigh on my neck, and I just keep spinning ...

Jeff, my beautiful lover, I find great pleasure in watching your body, too. The fine, gentle curves around the armpit, where the skin folds in like petals. The playful harmony of the choreography of your movements. The intimate interplay of the muscles, your most elegant flight in the air, comparable only to the albatross, when you throw football so accurately, never missing to perform an unforgettable dance, in which you resonate on the frequency of the most pearl-like particles of the universe.

Oh, Jeff, I long for your embrace, just by thinking about it I start trembling, please, don’t keep me waiting long, take me, take me, press your lips on my lips, breathe me in, let me become your cells, unify with you in a cosmic joy I can only get in your arms.

Signature: an aspect of the Goddess

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